We went for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was sunny and lovely and the bush is springing to life after all the winter rains we’ve had. Much of my childhood was spent living near the beach; I spent hours searching for shells and crabs and odd treasures washed up on the tide. If I may boast, I’m very good at spotting little things and my theory is that those days on the shore trained me to look down. (Alternatively, it’s just short sightedness!)

Yesterday’s wild treasures in the bush were Early Nancy and Nodding Greenhoods. In a tiny, quiet, un-flashy way – aren’t they spectacular? And on the domestic front, these gorgeous crocus. For years I’ve planted pots of tulips and grape hyacinth to cheer us up in the early spring; this year I branched out with Snow Crocus and Crocus ‘Pickwick’. They’re just tiny little things but when you bob down and look, they’re spectacular too.

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  1. Kate C says:

    They are just beautiful. There is a special joy in tiny things!

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