Last year, I sent Christmas wishes with a cocky in a plum tree. I didn’t get around to anything original this year, and instead from a cache of rather musty-smelling art postcards from the 1960s, found sufficient madonnas and child for everyone. Even less original was my greeting, which was borrowed from a Canadian friend.
He sent us a very funny home-made Christmas card which wished us a holly, jolly time of turning, reflection and indulgence.  Thank you, Dave – and as Christmas was the day before last, I acknowledge that my good wishes are not only borrowed, they’re late.

As usual, the end of the year has caught me by surprise – how can this be? – and of course, it’s not surprising at all because the sun keeps rising and setting, day after day.
Which is a good thing.
And now that the jolly holly is over, there’s that lovely holiday time in between for lazing and reading. Lots of reading. Over the past week it’s been completely random – That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist by my favourite Buddhist Jewish grandmother, Sylvia Boorstein, a 1930’s romance that belonged to my grandmother, and vegetarian cook books. So much for my plan to read more strategically, more thoughtfully, and from my list of important new authors.
Fireworks and end-of-year sales and resolutions aside, Happy New Year. Continuing the lack-of-originality theme, from a Buddhist loving-kindness meditation that I like, I quote:

May all beings be well and happy
May they be safe from harm
May they be held in compassion
May their suffering be eased
May they be at peace.

And that means you.

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  1. Hi Susan

    I have just finished reading “How bright are all things here” and enjoyed it immensely. At 72 (but in excellent health 😊) one does look towards the end game, especially having been through the death of one’s parents and lived a life!!! So many parallels!

    I look forward to getting into your Verity Sparks books when my grandchildren get a little old.

    By the way, I live in Castlemaine and have an eight year old Miniature Schnauzer!!!

    • susan says:

      Hi there Karen, fellow Castlemainiac and schnauzer owner. Thank you for your very kind comments; it really gives me heart to hear that people got something (enjoyment, recognition) from my book. And it’s lovely that you thought to tell me; I appreciate it more than I can say. Happy New Year!

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