The Truth About Verity Sparks is being released in the UK any day now. Here’s a scan of the cover. You’ll notice (how could you not?) that both the cover and the title have been changed. Walker UK tell me that it’s a different market there. Alliteration is ‘in’; so are crisp silhouettes in cover design and (luckily) plucky girl detectives in bustles. I wasn’t too sure at first, but now I really like them both. What do you think?


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2 Responses to VERITY GOES TO THE UK

  1. Poppy says:

    Hi Susan,

    I just wanted to know if there will be more of Verity in Aus?
    Congrats on getting it to the UK!
    I hope I’ll be seeing more Verity soon!!


    • susan says:

      Hi Poppy,
      How are you? Walker Books doesn’t have plans for any more Verity books at the moment, but I’m working on another junior novel. It’s a bit more of a fantasy than the Verity novels, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Thanks for your comments!
      all the best,

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