BetterthanBefore_TiltedEvery now and then I torture myself with a self-help book.

Usually I borrow them from the library, but this one I actually bought, on a whim, in Dymocks in Collins Street when I was in Melbourne last week.

Actually, I’ve just realised that last time I was in Dymocks I bought a self-help book too: a book about what I should be eating  called Eat Real Food.  I really needn’t have bought it  – the title says it all. And I eat very well, anyway. What was I thinking?

I know that if self-help books really worked, there would be no new crop of advice each year. There’d be no need. Everyone would be vibrant and healthy, fit, mindful, cancer-free, happy, rich, blissfully wedded, empowered and spiritual and all the rest of it. I see self-help books all the time at the shop where I work and manage to resist their siren song very well, thank you. All that aside, Gretchen Rubin’s exploration of habits has been thought-provoking and even a prompt to action. When I first started this blog, I promised myself that I would post on my blog once a week, on Sundays. I haven’t kept that promise. Too busy, too tired, forgot, nothing to write about, uninspired…

Posting on Sundays needs to become a habit. So here goes!

 I’m reading:
Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin
Testament of Youth
by Vera Brittain



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