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  1. Jane says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading the new story. Our local library has all your books available. Have a little Grandson who loves books, Mum is an OT, Dad a Primary School Teacher, and he has been read to from a very early age. Best wishes, Jane.

  2. Susan Green says:

    Thanks Jane, and it’s lovely to hear from you. I hope to write another Verity book to round off her adventures in Australia…I’m planning to bring her to Castlemaine. That should make my research easy.
    Nice to hear about your grandson reading and loving books. There are so many wonderful children’s books around!
    All the best,


  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Susan,
    I assit my 10 year old daughter to run a book club for the girls in her year 5 class. We have been running monthly book clubs for a year now. One of their favourite books from last year (our December book) was Verity Sparks. They loved it! We are reading Verity Sparks, lost and found next month.

    We engaged a number of guest authors & illustrators last year to attend our Book Club. It would be great if we could engage you as one of our guest authors this year, if you are not already fully booked.

    Looking forward to the next instalment of Verity Sparks!


    • susan says:

      Dear Kelly,

      It’s lovely to hear about the girls’ book club – and especially that they enjoyed Verity’s story. I hope they’ll feel the same about her next adventure!
      All the best,
      PS Thanks for the invitation – I will email you about a school visit.

  4. agnes says:

    Hi Susan,
    I don’t think you remember me from last year, when you came to Ballarat High School.
    I am excited about the second book and am very eager to get my hands on it. The cover looks splendid and she looks really pretty. I finished reading it last night and am hoping if there’s a third one…
    Is there?

    • Susan Green says:

      Dear Agnes,
      I do remember – and I remember my Ballarat High School visit as the nicest and best author visit I have ever done!
      Just this morning I was talking to my editor at Walker about my plans for a third Verity. It will be set in Castlemaine (where I live) and involve a real family who lived here, the Leviny family, whose house called Buda is open to the public. Of course it will have another very complicated plot (I like those!).
      So do I hope there will be a third Verity….probably next year.
      Thank-you for writing to me, Agnes, and all the best,

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